Our Story

The Sacramento Sheriff's Posse was organized in 1937 in order to augment the Sheriff's Department in case of emergency.


The Sacramento Sheriff's Posse continues to stand ready today to assist the Sheriff's Department in any way needed, including riding broken levees in times of flood and performing search and rescue work in areas impassable to motor vehicles.  

Tax dollars do not support us.


The Membership of The Sacramento Sheriff's Posse  is comprised of Sacramento County professional business men and women who pay all the expenses incurred to support the Posse.

Each team-member pays for their own horses,  training, truck, trailer, and travel costs at considerable expense and donates hundreds of hours away from their profession in order to practice, compete and provide exciting mounted drill performances and parade appearances to our communities.


The Sacramento Sheriff’s Posse precision mounted drill teams represent a large age group of diverse folks – our teams include Fathers and Mothers, Grandfathers and Grandmothers, Business Owners, Military Veterans, Nurses, Teachers and Public Servants.

We work very hard to stay ready to assist the Sheriffs Department at a moment's notice.  

We do it all in the interest of drawing positive attention to the support of law enforcement and  to the promotion of proper horsemanship ,  excellent horse husbandry  and responsible alcohol consumption.